little mud co. products are made from 100% recycled nylon and have been designed to easily fold up (or scrunch if that's more your jam) into an inbuilt pocket, keeping parents prepared for play time, anytime.

splashproof collection
our splashproof collection is for all seasons. the material used in this collection is super soft, water resistant and light weight ensuring the explorers are comfortable and can move freely without being restricted by heavy material or too much fabric as they play and explore.

little explorers can crawl around on the tanbark without catching all the mess on their pants, take their first steps and fall into a puddle, be the first to zoom down the slide after it rains and not have a soggy bum for the rest of the day.

waterproof collection
our waterproof collection has been made especially for those super messy days, made with a more durable fabric that has a fully waterproof lining to make sure nothing gets through. perfect for autumn and winter days, so you can go on adventures, partake in messy activities or head outside even on the wildest of days. 

these pieces will keep your child’s clothes protected from mud, water and mess, no matter what the adventure or activity. 

like our splashproof collection our rugs are made from our super soft, water resistant material. they are breathable and quick drying and like all our pieces they can fold (or scrunch) into their inbuilt pocket, which make for the perfect rug to be taken everywhere you go.