little mud co. gift ideas for the ages

little mud co. gift guide

little mud co. gift guide

little mud co. wants to celebrate lots of the amazing brands we love, so we are sharing with you all the things we know the kids love and need for...

little mud co. gift guide

little mud co. wants to celebrate lots of the amazing brands we love, so we are sharing with you all the things we know the kids love and need for...

little mud co. christmas gift guide

hello! welcome to our first gift guide.
we love finding ways to support other small businesses (like ours), so we wanted to share all the wonderful things we are buying our family and friends this christmas.

we hope you love these gift ideas from all the amazing and wonderful brands from around australia as much as we do. don't forget to shop local, shop small.

happy messy days,

love nadia & sal xox

for the crawler (0-1 years)

there are so many fun gift ideas for 0-1 year olds, but it can be overwhelming on where to start.

for the crawler

kids walls

these uber cool prints are a great gift for a kids room to add some funky colours and personality, perfect for the kids to grow up with.

shop kids walls

for the crawler

little mud co.

the ultimate sustainable, water resistant rug covering the ground for any activity, anywhere. perfect for picnics, beach days, messy activities, tummy time & park dates.

shop anytime rug

for the crawler

cuddle and kind from augie and may

this is not your average doll and thats a doll worth giving - for every doll sold, 10 meals are provided to children in north america and around the world.

available at augie and may.

shop augie and may

for the crawler

glow dreaming

every aspect of the glow dreaming has been created with one purpose in mind - to give families the best chance of sleep. amen.

shop glow dreaming

for the crawler

raja playgym

raja homewares has created the the sweetest most beautiful playgym for your new baby, it will compliment any nursery or home decor.

shop raja playgym

for the crawler

pekpi swim nappies

we are loving the cool prints on these reusable swimming nappies. made from recycled plastic bottles.

shop pekpi swim nappies

for the explorer (1-2 years)

just like that, they are starting to get into everything. personalities are coming out and things are starting to get very busy and messy. mess doesn't get much better than this!

for the explorer

little mud co. smock and pants

add our smock and pants to your explorer's wardrobe and you won't know yourself! perfect for first years of eating and walking when everything gets messy. these will be on high rotation all year round.

shop little mud co. smock and pants

for the explorer

wild dough playdough

little hands love to touch and create, and this wild dough is great for little ones - it smells amazing, is non-toxic and lasts up to 6 months.

shop wild dough

for the explorer

little wonder seeker

these adorable sandals are made from the softest leather, they come in three beautiful tones and match everything.

shop little wonder seeker

for the explorer

lenny co overalls

we love this gorgeous colour, it's perfect for summer but looks just as fab in winter with a little knit under. the legs also easily fold up, so they can grow with the overalls.

shop lenny co

for the explorer

lullaby sunscreen

the softest sunscreen for little people, easily rubs in and non greasy. this has been one of our favourites for the whole family for years. highly recommend it!

lullaby sunscreen 50+

for the trouble maker (2-3 years)

this is a fun age to buy presents for, the kids are now able to play with things and explore on their own. imaginations are getting very creative and if not kept busy they can get into lots of trouble.

for the trouble maker

wishbone from the memo

this wishbone bike is designed to help kids learn to balance and can grow with the child. available at the memo! we've said it before and we'll say it again, the memo is one of our favourite places to shop.

shop wishbone at the memo

for the trouble maker

little mud co.

into everything and anything, having a little trouble maker in head to toes little mud co. is the only way to go!

shop little mud co.

for the trouble maker

hey doodle

everyone needs new markers, all the time. and these markers are fabulous! not to mention the incredible mats that you can reuse and take anywhere with you while your travelling, out to dinner or visiting friends. They fold up small and easily wipe down and can be used again and again!

shop hey doodle

for the trouble maker

mopa voucher

this is not your ordinary indoor play centre. this is the most beautiful, creative and enjoyable modern play museum. the kids will have a ball, whether it's at the disco, painting a car or in the art and craft room, there are endless activities and fun things to do.

shop mopa

for the trouble maker

kip & co santa sack

this is the perfect age to invest in a new santa sack. this is something that will be used year after year. you can even have them personalised or pick different colours for each member of the family. we love these!

shop kip & co sacks

for the trouble maker


all the colours of the rainbow! there are endless options of great colours of these very cool kicks - green, blue, pink, lilac, black, yellow, rainbow stripes!

designed by a podiatrist and still look great. name a cooler shoe for kids.

shop piccolini low tops

for the cheeky one (3-4 years)

we can not think of a cheekier age group than the 3-4 year olds. famously known as the stage in life when they could say anything at the worst moment and while it's cute at first, sometimes it can be very awkward. finding gifts that keep them busy and entertained can be the best way to distract them from finding trouble. here is our pick of gifts to keep them busy!

for the cheeky one

little potion co.

if your little one likes making magic or creating messy potions then this is the perfect gift! watch their faces light up as they mix all the ingredients together to create magical spells.

shop little potion kits

for the cheeky one


hours and hours of fun, creativity, building, and imagination. these are so great for kids of all ages. it's hard to stop once you get going (even the adults have fun)

shop connetix

for the cheeky one

little veggie patch co

a day out in the garden is so much fun, but watching your seeds grow is even better. we love spending time out in the garden and these little kits are a great way to introduce your kids to gardening and being outdoors.

shop little veggie patch co

for the cheeky one

little mud co. smocks

if you're out in the garden or just having messy fun outside, then our smocks are a must! the more mud and water the better for this cheeky age group.

shop little mud co.

for the cheeky one

gumnut trail bundles

these beautifully illustrated guide books are a wonderful gift for any family that loves an adventure. they are full of great ideas and activities to get families outdoors and exploring, pick one in the area the family lives or send them on an adventure further away. there are so many hidden gems in our own backyard!

shop gumnut trail explorer bundles

for the cheeky one

bio dough

creative and colourful. the bio dough is a natural play dough for kids of all ages and abilities, providing hours of irresistible squishy-squashy, modelling fun. The nine rainbow colours, each deliciously scented, are made from all-natural ingredients, so kids can play safely - all of the time.

shop boi dough

for the expert (4-5 years)

it's time to get serious, these gifts are not for the faint hearted. we like to go practical and functional for this age group.

for the expert

clare & sage towel

beach towels are a must for this age group. the nudie rudie beach towels are quick absorbing, look cute and hide all the bits when older kids are ready to make the quick change after a day at the beach. available at hello willow (another one of our faourite shops to buy gifts!)

shop hello willow

for the expert

little mud co. pants

getting ready for bush kinder? these rain pants are a great option for kids to throw on over their pants, so they don't get wet bums when they start tree climbing or rolling down the hill! lightweight and protective so they don't get wet underneath!

shop little mud co. pants

for the expert

homegrown pj's

new christmas pj's are a big tradition in our house. our favourite this year are the homegrown kids christmas gingham pj's. they are made from 97% beautiful ethical BCI cotton & 3% elastane for a good amount of stretch - perfect.

how cute are they? plus there's also some for mum.

shop homegrown pajamas

for the expert

summer sun label

we are planning on spending a lot of time at the beach these holidays - rain, hail or shine, which is why we think this is going to be a great gift. kids love the water....except when it's a little chilly. this wetsuit means they can be warmer and protected by the sun.

shop summer sun

for the expert

crockd pottery kit

messy art is our kind of fun and this crockd pottery kit is the BEST. it's australia’s favourite DIY clay. a lovely activity to do with the kids, so sit down and get out of your head and into your hands. you may even enjoy it more then them.

shop crockd pottery kit

for the expert

sunnylife camera

how fun are kids photos? this underwater camera is going to get so much action in our family. we can't wait to see all the fun the kids will have playing mermaids under the water with this sunnylife camera.

shop sunnylife camera

for friends with lots of kids and need a break of their own (the adults)

it's time for the real fun, the fun for the big kids, the friends that help you out of trouble, pick up your kids, help you recover from your kids or on a nicer note, help you create special memories with your kids. those are the really special people in your life and it's time to spoil them.

for the adults

little mud co. rug!

there's always a moment you need to sit down, whether it's taking a break at the park, watching the waves roll in at the beach or on the side lines of your kids sport. this rug is definitely going to get a work out by the whole family.

shop little mud co. anytime rug

for the adult

homey beach towel

we are forever needing new beach towels and these are the softest, coolest colours going around! match or clash - we love them.

shop homey beach towels

for the adult

zulu & zephyr

cool aunty vibes here. we all need sun protection and this hat is a no brainer. we all need one. hint hint.

shop zulu & zephyr

for the adult

sand dune basket

i want one of these! cool wicker basket for all the food and drinks you need. did we mention it is insulated so everything will stay cold? yes please.

shop sand dunes picnic basket

for the adults

sande kids

someone hold the train! this is hands down the best beach bag, swimming bag, overnight bag, the throw everything in bag. you can fit everything in it, actually sometimes too much but don't worry they just launched a new smaller version too!

100% everyone needs this bag!

shop sande kids

for the adult

hencla bracelets

sometimes you just need to find the smallest token of love, to say the biggest thank you from the bottom of your heart. these effortlessly cool and playful bracelets say it all. we think these are a perfect gift for that friend you love and we know they appreciate it.

shop hencla

for the adult

macabalm moisturiser

macabalm is a multipurpose organic balm formulated to nourish the skin and offer long-lasting skin hydration. with organic native australian botanicals, macabalm is the perfect everyday skin saviour for the entire family.

shop macabalm